Portraits... Commissions... On Your Wall...

Above you can see my CATO portrait for Cato Felan, who got in touch recently and asked me to create this print for him. I've been thinking about offering these portraits for a while and working with Cato has made me realise how much fun it is. So, I'm now offering this to ALL!!!

You will get to work with me one to one and end up with something completely unique. I work with a great printers in Brighton who have been working with artists for many years. They use Giclee printing for really vibrant colours and the paper used for each portrait is 100% cotton 310g watercolour paper, which really looks fantastic.

I also created a twitter based avatar for Cato from the portrait, you can check it out HERE [give me a click]

If you think this could be something you'd like then click on the email envelope at the top of the page and lets have a chat about it... Looking forward to it.