I was commissioned by the worlds most popular cycling youtube channel GCN to create a character which could appear online [follow Dom on twitter by clicking here} in animated short films of his own and to pop up in other places during GCN content. His name is Dom Estique. By working closely with GCN we created his look, the tone we wanted him to have and his whole back story.

The piece above is Dom's first outing on the channel which I animated and art directed. It now has upwards of 25,000 views on facebook and 25,000 views on youtube so far. I'm really pleased with how people have enjoyed watching him, the sound design was created by the brilliant Andy Inwood. Below you can see a video where Dom appears to help GCN presenter Dan Lloyd on his Time Trial pacing.

Below is the animated Christmas card I created featuring Dom from all of GCN to their viewers on Facebook.

Above you can see Dom's development, from perfectly round headed Las Vegas inflatable inspired little guy, to the final character, the Dom we now know, not the most smiley chap in the peloton. 

I have also recently created this new sting for GCN featuring Dom to promote the great new spot #WATTAGEBAZOOKA a piece in the weekly news show which celebrates massive efforts on the bike, both pro and amateur. Head to 12:mins 26sec to see the full animated version i made!