I have been working with Rouleur Magazine since 2009 creating cover art, illustrating famous riders, races and moments in cycling history. Below is a selection of some of my favourite pieces, the comic strips often run over twelve pages in the mag and the concept and style are often driven by me as Rouleur Magazine are brilliant at allowing editorial freedom from their contributors.

The portraits of legendary riders I create have made the transition from the printed page to merchandise, and below you can see a small range of the products now available to buy online and in select shops across the world.

The EDDY vinyl toy was a real labour of love for everyone involved. Finding the right people for the job was key, and once I'd sent off the detailed turn around drawings the very skilled sculptors got to work. Seeing your work go from a 2d drawing to something three dimensional that you can actually hold in your hand is very exciting and the initial run of 500 sold out very quickly.

My portraits have proved so popular I now take personal commissions. HIDEO is based in Japan where he runs the brilliant Bonsai Cycleworks.

And it's feedback like this that make it all worth while.