I was asked by Strava to create this animated short promoting their global bike to work day. I was able to come up with the whole thing, concept to completion, which I love doing as I'm able to really make my mark on something from day one. The central female character is this hue of blue/green and we follow her journey to work while she uses Strava to log her commutes, and eventually by doing so each day she helps improve her own city's cycling infrastructure as Strava work with many large city planning companies who take the data and use it to calculate how cities are really used day to day. All if the animation is also by me and the sound design is by the fantastic Andy Inwood.

I'm really pleased with how it turned out and I know it made an impact online with facebook views currently sitting at 480,000 helping huge numbers to sign up to the first Strava Bike to Work Day on the app.

Our lead cyclist.

The full cast of riders in the short. It was about the message rather than promoting one type of riding, so we needed to show as many different bikes and riders as possible.