I often forget where the work I do is sold, looked at, or just enjoyed. It's exciting to think about it every so often, but I think if you dwell on that sort of thing to much you can become a self absorbed knob. So when, a few months ago, I was approached by Studio Khara in Japan about my drawings it was a massive, exciting, surprise.

I stood in my kitchen, iphone in hand, drinking the first tea of the day (often a bleary eyed quiet moment) reading the email from Japan that had landed in my inbox over night. The email asked if they would be able to use my WIGGO portrait, created for Team Sky when Sir Bradley Wiggins won the Tour in 2012, in a short film called "Hill Climb Girl" they were working on. The email went on to say that the director of the film had the drawing on a t-shirt and really liked it. Attached were stills of my work already within the film and each one I looked at made my mouth open even more in amazement. I emailed them back saying "YES!!! THIS LOOKS AWESOME!"

The final film is now live, and people's reaction to it has been really something. I want to thank all the people at Studio Khara for doing such an amazing job with my work. It's a tiny element in the overall story of the film "Hill Climb Girl," but it really puts a smile on my face to think it's there, and that the FROOME drawing appears on the lead boy characters backpack, [also as a keyring] but you don't see it. The level of detail is really wonderful. Below are stills from the film and you can see the whole thing over on the Studio Khara webiste: www.animatorexpo.com/hillclimbgirl

It's a very proud moment to see how far around the world one drawing can go.

*NOTE - I found a good youtube version of the film since originally writing the above text... so ENJOY!*