The Homeward Round 2...

The day before the clocks go back, we wave a very fond fair well to our summer with a run with friends through the changing leaves, forest and woods near my house. Come and kick piles of leaves with me out on the trail. For more info click here

The Homeward Round

A year ago I started running.

With a young family the amount of time I had to cycle vast distances suddenly disappeared and I was also entered into a half marathon so thought some sort of running would be a good idea. I was able to get a lot of lung busting exercise out of not a lot of time which was a real bonus. With such stunning hills and views on my doorstep I soon found I loved the early morning run out onto the South Downs, the freedom of just grabbing a pair of shoes and exploring the local trails and nooks and crannies of my local area was [still is] really addictive.

I love to document my runs with a photo or two. My thought were that if I think this is breath taking some one else might... and they did. So much so that I decided to take the plunge and invite a group of friends from the real and digital world [all with a passion for running and the outdoors] on a guided 13 mile ish run around and over each of the hills I can see from my bedroom window. The Homeward Round was born.

It's not a race, it's free, no one ever get's left behind. We are a group of friends who run to enjoy the journey not how fast or brutally we smash it... [that's for other days]

I also used the chance to come up with some sort of logo and branding. All the photos are taken by me out on the trails or hills of Sussex. The logo was something I wanted to be as simple as possible, the square being home, and the dotted line the route we would take around it. That's it. I'm really pleased with it and peoples response has been fantastic.

The first Homeward Round went really well, have a read of Becca Langton's write up here. The second one is currently in the works, with the hope some new faces will pop along as we hit Stanmer Park and other Sussex woodland. I'm saying October... But watch this space for the actual date.

The Velo House and The Tour...

I'm really enjoying working with the lovely people at The Velo House in Tunbridge Wells. It's a really stunning place to do with all things bikes, beer, brews, cakes and all other great stuff... Make sure you get along there during the tour and see this print in the real. I'm loving getting my teeth into more design work and hopefully there's more to come! Watch this space!

The Tour De France A-Z...

Here's a new print I've been working on... It's an A-Z of the riders from my childhood that I used to zoom about my local streets in Yorkshire pretending to be, hearing Phil Liggett's voice in my head all the way to the top of local hills or sprinting home from a local kick about... I hope you like it. If you fancy one, email me they're A3 and £45.

RichMitch the Animator...

You may, or may not be aware that most of my work is as an animator, and has been for many years. Until recently I was Lead Animator for hit kids brand Moshi Monsters at London studio Mind Candy where I managed a fantastic team of guys creating exciting and engaging 2d animation in Flash and After Effects.

I'm now on the look out for some new work so I thought it was time to gather together some highlights from the past few years for you to take a look at. This work is for various clients, studios and directors... A new showreel is on it's way soon!

Revolution Series Rider Cards.

If you're heading to any of the Revolution Series this year make sure you hunt down these new rider cards I've illustrated for four of the UK's top riders. A big thanks to all the riders, the guys at the Revolution Series for asking me to be involved and everyone at Rouleur Magazine.

The Team Sky Partners Shop.

Great to see my work, and products I've helped design and develop, with Rouleur Magazine on the new official Team Sky Partners Shop. Seeing them sat alongside fantastic brands such as Kask, Oakley, Muc Off and CNP is a proud moment. CLICK HERE. To go take a look!

Bradley Wiggins and Team Sky win the Tour Of Britain 2013.

To celebrate Bradley Wiggins' and Team Sky's win at the Tour Of Britain 2013 I was asked to create this portrait of him wearing the race leaders gold jersey. You can now buy this portrait on both a mug and t-shirt over at the new Team Sky Partners shop on the Rapha website.

RichMitch x Rouleur Magazine x Chris Boardman x Action Medical Research

The Champions Of Cycle Sport Dinner with Action Medical Research [AMR] is one of the years top events in the cycling calendar. A whole host of stars attend and there is a slap up dinner and auction where you have the chance to bid on some fantastic experiences in cycling while raising money for a brilliant charity.

AMR approached Rouleur and myself to create a one off mug for the night to be sold alongside the auction lots. Olympic Gold Medallist Chris Boardman has worked with AMR for many years, and it was decided that his portrait would go on these very special mugs. I got to meet Chris on the night and he and the people that bought the mugs really loved them, there was a queue of people wanting them signed by the man himself. Thanks to everyone at AMR it was a great night!

RichMitch X RouleurMagazine X Mark Cavendish X Oakley

After working with Oakley over the summer on their space at Look Mum No Hands, the opportunity came about for myself and Rouleur to work with one of their sponsored riders and one of the most recognisable and successful faces in modern cycling; Mark Cavendish.

After the success of the EDDY vinyl [which is now sold out] the decision was made to create something similar and to incorporate Oakley and Mark's signature glasses to this new vinyl figure. We used the craftsmen we did with the EDDY, and soon after I sent over my initial artwork and turn around drawings, the sculpts started coming back to us for feedback. Seeing your work go from 2d flat image on a page into a 3d sculpt is really exciting and they quickly had it spot on. Painted versions followed until finally about 6months later I held the final version in my hand, and was able to take the tiny Oakley approved sunglasses from his face and place them on his head.

The feedback I've had from Mark, Oakley and all the people that have since bought the vinyl has been great. I can't wait to create more like this in the future. A big thank you to everyone involved, and if you want to get hold of your very own Mark click the shop button at the top of the site!

Helen Wyman

I created this portrait for Helen Wyman to use during this years Cyclocross season as a rider card at races and hopefully on merchandise such as bottles etc. I'm a huge Cyclocross fan and to work with Helen [European and 8 times British Champion] and Stef Wyman on this has been really something.

The Classics.

Head to the shop [at the top of the page] to check out each Classic Legend mugged by Stoke's finest china, and If you're heading out to Flanders this year make sure you pick up a ROGER or FREDDY shirt or both!

The Chris Froome TdF Winning Screen Print...

Getting the chance to work with real crafts people is my main aim when I create and develop products. This screen print is no exception, Dan Mather is one of the best I know, and his attention to detail [just look how he wrapped the prints we he sent them over] and skill shines through in every piece he creates. I've worked with Dan on various projects including my ltd edition print of Bradley Wiggins we released last year when he won the Tour.

Take a look at some of the photos he sent us while he was working on the print and you can see why these prints are selling like very hot things. Thanks to Dan for all his hard work on this print, I know I got writers cramp just signing them all, so I've no idea how it must have been to pull each colour by hand!

You can buy the prints over at the Rouleur shop, they're very ltd edition, printed on beautiful dark grey stock, and are numbered and signed by me. Just click the SHOP button at the top of the page.

Winner winner chicken dinner...

Congratulations Chris Froome and all at Team Sky, Tour De France Champions 2013...

Look Mum No Hands!

I dropped into Look Mum No Hands today to see my work in their court yard. I'm really thrilled to see them this large [2m tall!] and printed on aluminium. The four rider portraits will be there throughout the Tour so drop into LMNH, have a great coffee or beer and watch the tour with these fellas looking over you. A big thanks to all at Rouleur and Oakley for getting behind me and making this happen!

RichMitch X Howies

This week see's the release of two new shirts I've designed for the Cardigan based clothing brand Howies. Check out King of The Cafe Stop [CLICK ME] the coffee and cake lovers strava segment of choice! And there's the Queen Of The Cafe Stop to [CLICK ME.] Check them out! A big thanks to Ade at Howies for getting in touch and asking me to get involved. I can't wait to do more!

RichMitch X Oakley X Rouleur Magazine


Getting the oportunity to work with a brand as huge as Oakley was something that I thought would never happen. But thanks to the guys at Rouleur and Tom at Oakley who really enjoys my work we created these rider postcards packs!

Each rider has seen them and signed off the artwork themselves. After they were released I got the twitter based seal of approval from a certain Giro winner with a very kind ReTweet. Thank you Vincenzo!
 They are a limited edition of 7500, and each set of cards [4] are individually numbered. So if you pick these up at an event [such as the recent Smith Field IG London Nocturne] or get some in your Rouleur Magazine you know by the number you see on the back that it's pretty special. Seeing that Oakley 'O' on something I've done is a massive buzz. Thank you to all involved in making this happen.

Vulpine Cycle Fete.

It's that time of year again. The Vulpine Cycle Fete is coming! I'll be there with the lads from Rouleur with a stand packed full of fun and interesting things. I'll have a whole host of stuff you can spend some coin on like mugs, EDDY's, prints and much more. Hopefully there'll be some new stuff to! So come down to The Lion in Teddington on the 14th of July between 12 and 6pm and say hello! It's going to be fantastic!

The power of getting something out there and some Rapha Condor JLT doodles.

 At times things can sit in a sketch book and never see the light of day. This is great from your own point of view but often I find they can get lost or forgotten about. Something you think is great one day can be sat in a draw for years gathering dust. It's happened with me before, but I decided to use the power of twitter and instagram to share them with people and see what they thought. Turns out the doodle at the top looked a little like Rapha Condor JLT cycling ace Kristian "The Dude" House [minus an earring I might pop in at a later date.]

Using the power of instagram, and the fact I'd met the man in question at the end of the last cycling season to present him with a print of mine from the Tour of Britain, I asked him his thoughts. You don't ask, you don't get, and all that.

He liked it!

Result! I thought, and found some time to work it into the colour version you see above [still forgetting that pesky earring... ah well.] Kristian is now using this as his Facebook profile picture, so that's quite a lot more eyes on the work than sitting in the draw gathering dust, I guess.

I then did the same quick doodle of "King Of Scotland" Rapha Condor JLT riders James MacCallum. James and I had spoken last year when he suggested Ronde get in touch with me about my first exhibition, and he mentioned the idea of creating a portrait of his own. I then met him again at last years Tour Series in Canary Wharf where he mentioned the drawing further. So doodling him seemed like the next step for this looser, comic strip style I'm working on for perhaps something in the future.

James also loved his drawing! Fantastic I thought and he now has it as his twitter profile pic. In your face dusty draw!

I'm going to continue with this throughout 2013, you never know who's going to see your work online. It's how all of this started for me with Rouleur Magazine. So put it out there, whatever the feedback. You never know.

EDDY... RichMitch X Rouleur Magazine

After almost a year in the making, here he is. 6 inches of vinyl to hold in your hand, stand on your mantle piece, desk... any where I guess. I'm going to write a much bigger post soon about the process behind it all but I want to thank everyone at Rouleur Magazine who made this possible. You can get EDDY NOW over at the Rouleur online shop, so swoop now... He's limited and once he's gone he's gone and he's going faster than a fast thing. It's a pretty proud moment. Thanks.