I was commissioned by Fusion Media for Shimano to create this very special festive short. Featuring Team Sky rider Geraint Thomas and a selection of his actual family members, the film centres around family, togetherness and getting home from the Christmas day ride before all the roast potatoes are gone!

Above is the youtube version. The facebook version was a huge hit driving 48k people to the Shimano Road page. Showing the power of colourful, interesting animation to grab people's imagination and get them engaged.

Below is the very early story board, where the idea is fine tuned before production starts.


Below you can see some colour tests I worked on to get the feel of each of the places we'd feature in the final piece.

And here are how the characters were worked up to show which bikes they'd be riding and the kit they'd be in. Each was very different to show Shimano's full range.

Once the short was released and to engage further with their audience a competition was run to win one of three chances to get a portrait done by me in the style I have become known for. This had over 400 entries on the Shimano facebook page and in the end I know the winning three people were thrilled with their portraits. It was a great campaign for me to be a part of, and I want to thank Shimano and Fusion Media for commissioning me to create, animate, illustrate and direct this for them.